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Are joint costs for shared services (eg HR support) split evenly across the cluster or pro-rated based on school size?

This is to be determined.  It is normal for many service agreements to be charged according to the number of students or staff within a school.  There may be other costs that are based on size of buildings leaving a few that may have to be shared equally by all schools.

How confident are you that we have the skill set to deal with required changes to the running of the school without impacting teaching/leadership time?

This is for the school to answer.  However, there is much expertise across the Trust schools and a willingness to share the burden of conversion.  There will be some impact on leadership time but Conversion should be seen as a vehicle for school improvement in the widest sense.

Will this create more work for Governors?

It will create some extra work for school staff and for Governors during the period of leading up to conversion and afterwards as systems are put in place.  There may need to be some extra meetings and of course the Governing Body will change in terms of its role in relation to the new Trust Board, its size and composition.